Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soccer Camp Session Two: 5:30-7:30 PM

June 2009 050

At the end of Wyatt’s spring season of soccer his coach made the announcement that he was paying for each of his 6 players to attend soccer camp in June.  Wyatt started playing on the TIGERS! team last fall and has a good time-which is all we are looking for at this age.  It was a long two hour practice, but Wyatt didn’t come over and complain one time about the heat.  Not to say I wasn’t complaining about it ;)  All 6 of his teammates were there so that made the time enjoyable for him.  This picture was taken on the last night.  The coach was very patient with the little ones and had fun games to practice their skills.

June 2009 045

June 2009 042

At this stage in his life Wyatt is at the mercy of his big brother who dominates him at soccer any chance he gets.  Therefore Wyatt takes that same mentality against others his own age.  He goes after the ball and is in the middle of the action the entire time he is on the field.  Below is a picture of Brian and Wyatt participating in one of the many games the coach had us do.  It was called ‘cowboys and Indians.’ I’m glad Brian was able to make it to practice from work before parents were called to the field, I am NOT a team player ;)

June 2009 038June 2009 035  

Last week 25 hours of our time was spent at the soccer fields.  What did the rest of us do?  I brought a blanket for us to sit on and supplied lots and lots of snacks for Abram.  We found a small tree that provided enough shade that made it bearable to be outside.  A new playground provided entertainment to Cooper each evening.  When that became to hot there was the library right behind us.  Tag team parenting was perfected so it never became to overwhelming for one of us.  I was able to catch up with PAM! each evening as she brought along her son, who is the same age as Cooper. 

All in all it was a success week! 

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