Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VBS # 2 AND Football Camp

I am still trying to catch up on my sleep from all that was happening LAST week.  My age is quickly revealing itself as it takes me a longer amount of time to bounce back when my schedule is shaken.  BUT(!)  it was a fantastic week!

Tuesday kicked off our 2nd of 4 VBS’s this summer.  My dear friend(love her!)went to this church part of her time at college and her parent’s attend it now.  She had many good things to say about it and although it was 30 minutes away we decided to join her and her daughter this year.  It did not disappoint!  My boys did not know a soul so I was curious to see how they would handle it.  I heard not one complaint from either of them!  Each day they would talk about the classes they visited and what they did.  Since VBS was only three hours long I did not want to waste time driving back and forth so I was able to hang out with said dear friend and was able to talk and talk and talk!  I even had a babysitter for two of those days where Abram could stay home.  This will be on our list to do next year too!

Wednesday my lovely SIL met me after VBS to hand over my two sweet nephews for the rest of the week.  Brian was tasked with finding 10 boys to attend the Adrian Peterson football camp Thursday-Saturday.  What a great opportunity!  Jack is playing tackle football for the first time this fall, so he was one of the first people we called.  Now Jack couldn’t come down by himself, Wyatt  would be left out :)   Joel came along and finished out the week with Wyatt at VBS while the older two attended football camp.

Since Brian was working at the camp he took Cooper & Jack with him each morning as I drove the other two to VBS.  I would then leave straight from there to the football field right when their camp was ending.  Time management at its finest :)  Thursday lunch we treated the boys to an all you can eat buffet at Mazzios, Friday’s lunch at McD’s followed by a yummy, free(for the kids)lunch at Cain’s. 

The boys look exhausted each afternoon I picked them up.  Don’t get me started on the WHITE T-shirts they were given.  I would spray those things down each evening and give them a good washing because they HAD to wear them each day.  Stinky boys!  Surprisingly they would come home full of energy and spend the afternoon swimming.  Each night they were in their beds ASLEEP by 9 PM-some nights sooner!  They worked hard and played even harder.

They both LOVED football camp.  I tried to stay on Saturday, but it was HOT!  I ended up taking the three younger boys to the library for an hour and a half.  I can’t imagine how they made it through for three days straight.  Boys and their love of sports!

June 2009 073 End of the session, last day with their bags full of goodies and the dirty, white T-shirts.

June 2009 056

About 300 boys attended the three day camp from 9:30-12:30.  AD would do pep talks in between training sessions and then a Q & A at the end of the day.  He had many people around him and they did not allow individual pictures to be taken and parents were ask to not even come up to him.  He did visit some of the teams when they were working on skills and help the coach with plays.


June 2009 015 June 2009 020

June 2009 035 June 2009 048

On the first day they were divided into “teams” of about 12 kids.  They put them in lines according to height and then would count them off to determine what team they would be on.  Luckily Brian was there to make sure Jack & Cooper were on the same team.  This made Cooper very happy!  See their sweat bands?  They got those on the second day and their were VERY excited about them.  Those went into the wash along with the T-shirts.  Stinky :)


June 2009 005

What to do in the evenings?  Uncle Brian had PLENTY for them to do each evening.  They went down to the pond to fish the first night.  The next two nights were spent on the four wheelers.  Jack was able to drive his own after a quick lesson and did great.  As bed time grew closer they would choose to swim one last time then watch a cartoon in the movie room.  They were even given FOUR popcicles to eat on the couch.  I think that gave me Aunt/Mom of the year!

It was a fun week!  I love this age and it made me remember spending lots of time with my cousins Dennis & Shelly.  They love spending time together and I hope they will develop into life long friends!  Thanks for coming up Jack and Joel. 
sidenote:  Jessica . . .I promise Joel wore a helmet when he rode the 4 wheeler.  he was riding with it on when I went to get my camera.  when I came back outside he had switch to the yellow jeep.  I had him get on again for the quick picture.  :)


John and Amy said...

I am exhausted just reading it. What a great aunt you are!

jessica said...

Yes you are! Thanks again for having them. They had a blast and made some great memeories together.

jessica said...

I'm needing a Lusty update! I check to see if you've updated about five times a day. It's been over a month! HELLO!