Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer Storm

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Last week around 10:30 PM, I was the only one awake trying to catch up on my DVR shows.  It was then I heard the wind pick up so I turned the news on to see what was going on.  The only thing I found was a storm/cool front blowing through.  At that point the satellite goes out and hail begins hitting the windows.  Bella, the dog, freaks out in storms.  She is pacing back and forth and the hail is coming down faster.  It is LOUD when it hits the window and I begin to wonder if it will break the windows.  Brian is woken by all the racket and wonders why I am not watching the news(?)  Stupid satellite. 

Next to go is the electricity.  Great.

As we stumble around looking for a flashlight or candle we hear cracking sounds and we just look at each other in slow motion wondering if we should get the boys up and head for cover!  It was surreal.  The wind/hail/rain go on forever.  The electricity is quickly restored and we try to take a look outside.  All we can see is that the play set is no longer there and two huge trees are down.  Bummer!

The next morning the damage is assessed.  There are no drag marks where the play set had been.  It had been picked up and slammed on its side. 

Brian took the day off work to begin the process of cutting down the two huge trees.  The play set is still sitting there, unmoved.  We aren’t quite sure where to begin with that.

It was quite a storm!!!


jessica said...

Oh my goodness!

Michelle said...

Jeez. You had said it was on it's side, but it's different to actually see it.
I say keep it. Make sure it's safe and sturdy and then the boys can use it as a sunken pirate ship. Why buy a new one when they have an even better place to use their immagination? :)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were in a storm. Terrible. Can the playground pieces be fixed?
Love, Grandma

Jenny said...

sorry to hear about all that! Glad you are all safe and sound.