Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summertime=Lots & Lots of Swimming

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The boys love to swim and we bought a soft sided pool this summer that has been a daily activity for them.  Abram is not tall enough to enjoy the big pool, but we still had the plastic pool that we have used for the past two summers.  A third of the time he ends of getting in the pool with his clothes and shoes on.  That is why in these pictures he has his church shirt on.  The boys can play outside and then go back in and change into their swimming suits without my help.  I am to lazy to try and explain to Abram why we need to change clothes, so I just let him swim in what he has on.  You should see how HUGE those Luv diapers can get without exploding!!  One afternoon the boys made Abram’s day by deciding to swim with him.  He LOVED it!  He is very rough and had a blast jumping and sliding with the big boys.   He has no fear of water and goes head first down the slide each time.  Happy swimming!


Anonymous said...

Abram seems to grow several inches each week. If I don't see him for two weeks he is half grown! I can't believe your playset. In my mind I pictures it nicely sitting on each side; not broke up. It was such a nice playset. I hope Brian can fix it.


Lindsay Robertson said...

yay yay YAY for you!! that's so exciting, and i'm so happy for you guys!