Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Year in the Making-VBS 2009

December 107

Can you find Wyatt?  The kids came on stage on the last night.  Cooper refused to go and Wyatt tried to hide.

December 105

Wednesday night the kids were invited to sing on stage.  The parents were able to come and watch the final skit of Brutus and Paul and hear what their kids had been up to during the week.  It was a great turn out!

December 099

Each evening Paul & Brutus would visit the kids.  Paul would tell his story about being on house arrest and how important it was to tell others about Jesus.  They were awesome and brought the characters to life for the kids.  I was impressed :)

VBS is very near to my heart.  I love what it brings to our children and the seeds it plants in their young hearts.  The opportunity came my way to coordinate VBS for 2009.  I took a leap and decided to see how God could use me.  Seriously . . . me!  HE can do amazing things and I am glad I put my fears aside of what others would think and jumped.  It was a BLAST! 

We had over a 100 volunteers each evening.  The biggest issue for the week was where to put all those volunteers.  That was a GREAT problem to have!

The kids traveled to the city of ROME and were able to visit with Paul each day and visit the Underground Church where people were worshipping God.  There were awesome crafts, games and the snacks went above and beyond!  Our church really stepped up and came together to bring a wonderful week together. 

I am blessed with an awesome set of friends who helped decorate, set up, take down and MORE to keep my stress to a minimum.  THANK YOU!!!!

December 113

Sunday through Tuesday the kids traveled with their family leaders.  On Wednesday we had family night and offered a free pizza dinner and then met in the auditorium for a short program.  I was NOT prepared to be called up and recognized, but I had no problem when the microphone was handed over :)  There were so many people to thank!  Each team leader did such a great job of getting their area ready that it made my job even better.  I wish I could do more to let those know how much I appreciate them.  You guys ROCK!

As much as I enjoyed VBS I was exhausted when it was over and done with!  Just today I made a trip up to the church office to turn in the last of the items I had used during VBS.  I can now close the book on 2009 . . . we are now moving on to July 2010, EGYPT :)  I will give myself a month before the planning starts again!!

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